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  • "We base our political reporting on the Monthly Policy Review. It would be unthinkable for us to give it up."

    Ambassador- subscribing to the Monthly Policy Review
  • " It's as if I have a PA who has gotten up before me, read through the papers and provided me with a briefing."

    Angela EvansMannheimer Swartling law firm
  • "All really good information in one spot. For someone who is fresh to the Nordic society, and always on the lookout for local economic information from a Scandinavian perspective, Mundus is a invaluable tool. It has helped me in several ways, with a notable example of when and where to buy a property, information I would not have found otherwise."

    Murray TurnerAmadeus
  • "We had certainly missed deeper analysis of the Finnish affairs curated for the need of the embassies."

    Ambassador- subscribing to the Finland Monthly Brief
  • ”The article on Finland’s attempt to become a circular economy leader was excellent. Without Mundus I would not have known of this project.”

    Diplomat- subscribing to the Finland Monthly Brief

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