11 Swedish tech companies close to an IPO

News site Breakit has listed what it believes to be the 11 Swedish tech companies that are closest to an IPO. They are:Mundus News

Boozt – The e-retailer is in a strong growth phase and is, according to Breakit, planning an IPO for next year. This year, the company is looking to increase sales by almost 50% to 1.5 billion kronor.
Spotify – There has been speculation of an IPO from the Swedish music service for a number of years, but now Breakit reports that Spotify is planning an IPO in the second half of 2017.
Klarna – Their first step is obtaining a banking license and establishing operations in the US, after which a public listing will take place. CEO and co-founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski has no great desire to list the company, but the ownership structure includes venture firms who eventually want cash for their investment, writes Breakit.
Mathem – Online foods sales are an increasingly popular niche and Mathem is one Sweden’s largest grocery delivery services. Breakit predicts it is that they will go public in the second half of 2017.
Bygghemma – Owners of this hardware retailer have hired Carnegie Investment Bank to make a blueprint for an IPO. It seems likely that an IPO will happen sometime around the New Year.
FEO Media – The company behind the successful game, Quiz Clash, is hardly in need of capital from the stock exchange. But the founders have nevertheless indicated that listing is an option, so we would not be surprised if the company is on the market in 2017, writes Breakit.
THQ Nordic – The highly profitable gaming company has said that preparations are being made for an IPO launch, probably in about six months.
MAG Interactive – A mobile games company, which is highly profitable and after the success of Paradox, game developers are hot on the stock market right now. It remains to be seen if the founders will choose to exploit this opportunity.
Royal Design – The e-commerce company has been in the stock market starting blocks for a long time, but the expected IPO has been postponed until 2017.
Ellos – This established mail-order giant is currently owned by private equity firm Nordic Capital, which said last summer that they are weighing the IPO option.
Zound Industries – Tommy Jacobson, Chairman of this Swedish headphone manufacturer, stated early this year that the company is considering a listing. Carnegie Investment Bank is acting as advisor in the process, which can be expected to happen in 2017.

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