29 May – 2 June 2023

European power prices plummet as springtime renewables soar, highlighting storage needs
Balmy springtime weather and increased renewable energy capacity have led to multiple days of negative wholesale power prices in Europe. Factors such as favourable weather conditions, surplus production and inflexible nuclear power have contributed to this situation. Denmark, for example, exports up to 50% of its excess power to neighbouring countries due to its strong interconnections. Countries like Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden are experiencing zero or negative prices as they reach the limit of what they can use or export. The problem of excess electricity generation calls for increased energy storage capacity, with batteries being seen as an immediate solution while long-term solutions involve building more pumped hydro storage and upgrading existing facilities.
(From Mundus Nordic Green News on May 31)

The introduction of France’s short-haul flight ban has renewed calls for Europe to cut down on journeys that could be made by train.
France recently implemented a ban on short-haul flights, signaling a shift towards promoting train travel over air travel. The law stipulates that journeys that can be completed within 2.5 hours by train are prohibited from being taken by plane. Additionally, there must be sufficient train services available throughout the day, allowing travelers to spend at least eight hours at their destination. The country’s Transport Minister, Clement Beaune, views these measures as a significant step and a symbolic gesture in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This move by France raises the question of whether similar laws promoting rail travel over air travel will be adopted by other European countries, as the region aims to embrace a rail revolution.
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