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Where we started and where we are going

Mundus was founded in 2012 to provide information and analysis to embassies accredited to Sweden. Since then, we have built up a strong client base amongst diplomats, businesspeople and international students.

Mundus International means that our focus is in interpreting events for an international audience, adding extra context for those new to the Nordics – or monitoring the Nordics – who are not aware of the historical background to everything and ensuring that we make explicit cultural assumptions that the locals may take for granted. We provide facts, analysis and interpretation –  pulling the whole story together for an international audience.

Mundus International is led by our CEO and founder, Jessica Nilsson Williams, who has covered Swedish politics for over 20 years, advising the American Embassy on Swedish political developments during both the Clinton and Bush administrations. The Commercial Director is Sean Williams, who was a senior strategy and commercial leader for both BPs trading business, and with NASDAQ. Sean has very broad international business experience, and leads Mundus’ business and economic analysis. Our Head of Finland Affairs is Janetta Santalo.

The Mundus team includes a dozen talented individuals who are passionate about current affairs. The team includes a mix of both nationals and internationals who speak a number of languages fluently, including Arabic, Finnish, French, German and Spanish.

Standardised and tailored products

The key to our offer is our standardised reports. Standardisation enables you to benefit from economies of scale; helping organisations in their need to be lean and efficient, whilst simultaneously delivering on challenging objectives.

In Sweden, we deliver a daily news round-up, so that you know the important Swedish news of the day. Mundus Business Insights is packed with the latest corporate, economic, finance and start-up news. All curated intelligently for professionals. Mundus Weekly is a must-read for those needing to stay on top of the parliament, policy, key economic indicators and the political calendar. Our monthly in-depth analyses go well beyond the headlines, putting Nordic current affairs into context for an international audience. In Sweden, The Monthly Policy Review caters to a global audience that wishes to keep abreast of political, economic- and social affairs of Sweden. The Finland Monthly Brief is a monthly researched report with analysis of Finnish current affairs. Our three month calendar ensures you are aware of important upcoming events.

We offer reports and services tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and interests. Mundus’ offers traditional Media- and Parliamentary Monitoring reports with analysis of opinion and policy developments. Our Media Analysis and Intelligence Service is available throughout the Nordic region. Our work integrates and synthesises various forms of data with a human overlay.

Independence and the ability to act and interpret without bias for political or commercial considerations is a key part of the Mundus offer. 

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Armed with the best intelligence in the market, we help our clients make informed decisions

― Jessica Nilsson Williams, CEO & Founder

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