Where we started and where we are going

Mundus was founded in 2012 to provide information and analysis to embassies accredited to Sweden. Since then, we have built up a very strong client base amongst diplomats and businesspeople. Along the way, we have learned that the issues are bigger than politics and diplomacy. Many international people living in Sweden need to understand more about Swedish society than they can access via public English-language news sources. More than that, they also need help to deal with their new home in a way that they relate to. We provide facts, analysis and interpretation -  pulling the whole story together for an international audience.

Mundus International is led by our CEO, Jessica Nilsson Williams, who has covered Swedish politics for over 20 years, advising the American Embassy on Swedish political developments during both the Clinton and Bush administrations. The team consists of a dozen analysts and journalists with deep knowledge of Swedish current affairs, business- and startup scene. The Commercial Director is Sean Williams, who was a senior strategy and commercial leader for both BPs trading business, and with NASDAQ, operator of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Sean has very broad international business experience, and leads Mundus’ business and economic analysis.

What that means in practice

Sweden has a distinctive culture, dynamic politics and evolving business environment.  Although small in population, Sweden punches above its weight in politics and business. A trendsetter that others look to to monitor where the future lies, be it in how society manages the challenges of having a competitive economy, but broad social support for those who need it, IT-innovation, cleantech or fashion.

Despite this, there is a dearth of English-language news and analysis available to digest easily. This means that for the tens of thousands of expatriates who have come to Sweden there is a serious gap between what they need to know about the society, culture and politics and what they can easily access.

Daily, weekly and monthly products

We deliver a daily news round-up, so that you know the important Swedish news of the day. We also provide a weekly journal, packed with the detailed business, economic and political information that professionals need. Mundus is still proudly serving the diplomatic community, but we have also found that other international businesses and expat professionals have similar needs to diplomats. They need to be aware of Swedish politics, especially where it can impact their industry, informed about economic trends, up-to-date on the key business stories and armed with the right tools to help them fit in to Swedish society. Our monthly in-depth analysis goes well beyond the headlines, putting issues into their historical context, which is of course how Swedes understand events. Readers of our analysis can be confident that they are sufficiently aware to engage in social and professional discussions, leaving a positive and impactful impression with the Swedes that they meet.

We offer subscriptions to corporatesembassies & NGOS, and private individuals.

Bridging to business culture

Finally, we are stretching further in order to complete our mission, which is to provide international professionals with the tools that they need to perform at the top of their game in the Swedish context. That means the ability to interpret events like a Swede; even acting like a Swede at the right times, so that your voice is heard and your opinion accepted. Our aim has been to bring you the best digital tools available and to provide personal advice on how to make the right impression.

In 2018, we are delighted to announce that we have established a partnership with Dr Fons Trompenaars, globally recognised as one of the leading thinkers on business culture. As part of this partnership we are able to offer subscribers the best intercultural digital tools on the market, and we are certified by Dr Trompenaars to advise you on your Swedish business challenges.

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