Mundus International provides news and analysis of the Nordics, pulling the whole story together for an international audience.

We work with governments, corporates and institutions, helping them make better decisions, by being up-to-date and in understanding political and economic drivers. Through our standard product portfolio, we cover the short-term daily news cycles, politics, business and deep analysis of long-term trends in the Nordics. And our media monitoring service and tailored products are there to help you fill in gaps where special insight is required.

Mundus International AB was founded by Jessica Nilsson Williams in 2012  to provide information and analysis to embassies accredited to Sweden. Since then, we have built up a strong client base amongst diplomats, businesspeople and international students through our publications and services.

In 2018 we expanded our services to Finland and in 2019 we started up our Nordic-wide media- and parliamentary monitoring service. In 2020 we launched Nordic Green, a new venture to provide news from the Nordic countries. This was supplemented with the Nordic Green Indices in 2021.


Mundus International means that our focus is in interpreting events for an international audience, adding extra context for those new to the Nordics – or monitoring the Nordics – who are not aware of the historical background to everything and ensuring that we make explicit cultural assumptions that the locals may take for granted. We provide facts, analysis and interpretation –  pulling the whole story together for an international audience.


We are proud to work with embassies and top executives in a range of different sectors. Our goal is to help them deliver their objectives by providing them with a deep understanding of the Nordic society and the Nordics on the global arena. We don’t take this responsibility lightly and are committed to ​quality​ and ​excellence​.


Mundus’ speciality is in working with people from other cultures. All of our team has lived and worked in more than one country, which means that we naturally see things from more than the obvious Swedish perspective. And, as you would expect, we speak a wide array of languages, including English, the Nordic languages, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Russian. 

In addition to our language competence, our principals are also trained in intercultural competence. We have been involved in a number of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in Sweden, and in 2020 are publishing a book looking at how cultures approach the corona crisis in different ways, seeking to identify what can be learned from others.

Meet the Mundus team

Mundus is headquartered in Danderyd outside Stockholm, Sweden, and runs a hybrid office with a team operating in a number of countries

  • Jessica Nilsson Williams

    Jessica Nilsson Williams

    CEO & Founder

    Jessica began her career as the political advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, and then worked in the corporate- and NGOs sectors London and Singapore before returning to Stockholm. Back in Sweden, she headed the business intelligence unit for a risk- and security firm. In 2011 she took up a senior role at the New Zealand Embassy before founding Mundus International in 2012.

  • Sean Williams

    Sean Williams

    Commercial Director

    Sean began his career in the oil industry Australia. After working internationally in commercial roles with BP in South Africa, the UK and Singapore he moved to Sweden with his family in 2009. He worked in business development and then as the Strategy and Growth Director for NASDAQ Commodities from 2009 to 2015. Sean holds an engineering degree from Adelaide University and an MBA from the Darden Business School at the University of Virginia.

  • Adin Mezquida Slette

    Adin Mezquida Slette

    Media Intelligence Manager and Senior writer

    Adin holds a Major in Urban Planning from Stockholm University. Adin has worked as a Political Advisor to a County Council Commissioner at the Stockholm County Council with regional planning as her area of expertise. She has spend the past 15 years abroad in Singapore and the UAE.

  • August Ahlin

    August Ahlin

    Senior Writer

    August is a Law student at Uppsala University and have previously studied Business Administration and Management on a soccer scholarship at Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. Earlier in his career, he have worked as a freelance journalist and junior SEO specialist at Aftonbladet. He is plays football at a semi professional level as a goalkeeper for Gamla Upsala SK. August speaks Swedish, English and Estonian.

  • Axel Berggren

    Axel Berggren

    Senior Writer

    Axel comes from an international background having lived in Egypt, Turkey, Sweden, Greece, Britain and Mexico. Axel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Leeds and a Master’s in Management from the Business School at Stockholm University. He has previously worked at political newspaper Altinget and is currently at Sveriges Radio.

  • Charlotte Perlaky

    Charlotte Perlaky


    Charlotte is studying for a MSc degree in Political Science with focus on Security and Crisis Management at the Swedish Defence University. She holds a BSc degree in Political Science from Lund University and has previously studied and worked in Vienna and London. Charlotte has a keen interest in security- and defence issues, with a strong commitment to geopolitics and the East Asian region.

  • Elliot Easton

    Elliot Easton

    Senor Writer

    Born in Sweden to Turkish and Scottish parents, Elliot has pursued an academic career in anthropology, receiving his BSc from St. Andrews University and an MSc from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Alongside Mundus International, Elliot works as a freelance UX-researcher for a fintech start-up located in Stockholm. He speaks fluent English and Swedish, as well as being able to converse at an intermediate level in Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish

  • Eric Bergman

    Eric Bergman

    Senior Analyst and Writer

    Eric is a PhD candidate at the University of Helsinki with a background in international business, communications, and language editing. A Finnish American who was raised bilingually, he has first-hand experience of the planet as a global village.

  • Fredrik Schiller

    Fredrik Schiller

    Senior Analyst and Writer

    Fredrik is a senior political analyst and consultant educated at the London School of Economics with a long background as a Swedish diplomat and international official with UNDP and the OSCE. He is a security policy and conflict specialist with first-hand experience from wider Europe and Africa, as well as from the Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia. He is strongly committed to innovative solutions of geo-strategic challenges and to smart, innovative sustainable entrepreneurship.

  • Ian Higham

    Ian Higham

    Senior Analyst and Writer

    Ian is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies and Lecturer at Stockholm University. Prior to that, he worked as a research analyst at EIRIS and as a business researcher for The Boston Consulting Group. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Stockholm University and an MSc in Global Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University.

  • Jake Lowther

    Jake Lowther


    Jake is a qualified lawyer who graduated with honours from the University of Notre Dame Australia. He began his legal career with an international corporate law firm in Perth, and has work experience from the Republic of Korea and from Germany, where he completed his LL.M. in International Dispute Resolution. He is a trainee at Magnusson law firm.

  • Karoliina Rajala

    Karoliina Rajala

    Senior Analyst and Writer

    Karoliina is a Finnish double master (MSc in Economics and Business Administration and MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies) with a passion for security topics and specialisation background in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and EU affairs. Over recent years, Karoliina has accumulated experience from public administration, international organisations, security research as well as the humanitarian sector. Currently, she works with OSCE-affiliated matters.

  • Miika Järvisaari

    Miika Järvisaari

    Senior Writer

    Miika is a student of Economics, Law and International Relations at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, South Korea. His passion lies in parliamentary debate, where he actively competes in tournaments and leads practice sessions at his university, discussing topics from politics to philosophy. He takes great interest in ethics, and is a big proponent of animal rights.

  • Nick Davenport

    Nick Davenport

    Project Manager

    Nick holds an MA in Philosophy from the University of Glasgow, post degree he worked in London for publications including the Guardian and AFK News. He also worked at Director level for a UK Property development firm for over a decade before moving to Stockholm with his partner and son. In Sweden he worked with a number of green startups before joining Mundus International in order to better focus on green issues Nordic wide.

  • Samu Järvisaari

    Samu Järvisaari


    Samu is studying for an MSc degree in Economics at the University of Oulu, Finland. He studied his BBA degree in Bangkok, where he went on to work multiple years in international trade consulting, specialising in markets of Southeast Asia and China. He has a keen interest in environmental economics and sustainable development, and passionate about improving basic education in developing countries.

  • Venla Hannuksela

    Venla Hannuksela

    Senior Writer

    Venla holds a Master’s Degree in political science from Åbo Akademi University in Finland, having also studied public international law, intercultural communication, and philosophy. She started her career interning for the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm. Venla has held various positions of trust from the age of 16 and has a keen interest for politics, culture, human rights, and development issues. She has full professional proficiency in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, and Spanish.