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Mundus is restless in the search for innovation that can deliver results to your organisation. We pick the best technology on the market and deploy it to solve your problems.

From traditional media monitoring to big data analysis of opinion and parliamentary monitoring, Mundus has the tools to provide the insights you need.

➢ Click here to see an example report of how we analysed what Swedes think about the EU pandemic fund.

  • Digital tools

    Online press

    Follow what is said about a particular subject, industry or country in the Nordic press. Choose a specific country or monitor all Nordic countries.

  • TV, Radio, Web-TV, Podcasts

    Do you need to watch interviews with your key personnel? Would you like to listen to locals talking about your country or issue to get a better understanding of how they are thinking? Simply click on the button and the interview begins at exactly where your keyword is mentioned.

    Digital tools
  • Digital tools

    Sentiment analysis

    Sentiment analysis “mines” text to identify subjective information to help you understand social sentiment in online conversations. Use it to identify trends when people are becoming very engaged with an issue – for good or for bad.

  • Word cloud

    What are the words that people use most frequently when talking about our topic of interest, your country or brand? This helps you zero in on the key messages from thousands of online mentions.

    Digital tools
  • Digital tools

    Grow your influence

    Identify the most active and influential journalists and influencers writing about your issues. Then send them content relevant to them and provide your side of the story.

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