Business heavyweights want Alliance-SD coalition

Business heavyweights want Alliance-SD coalition

Swedish business leaders, Antonia Ax:son Johnson, Mellby Gård’s CEO Johan Andersson and entrepreneur, Dan Olofsson have demanded the Alliance seize power even if it means they begin to negotiate with the Sweden Democrats.

According to Dagens Industri, Olofsson thinks it would be absurd if Sweden doesn’t does not change its government, given that parties outside of the previous ruling coalition received 59% of electoral support. In his view, with “a Social Democrat led government, supported by the Centre and Liberal parties, 80% of policy will pure S-think and 20% of liberal policy. And I think it’s a worse solution than an Alliance government, which actually has good prospects for pushing through its own policy.”

Andersson says that “we have had four years of business-hostile policies and we do not want it back … There is a lot in the SD’s policies I dislike, but this fear of the right must be removed and one must be able to talk. I think all those who voted for the Alliance will curse if they do not take advantage of the opportunity they now have to push through their policies.”

Liberal party member, Ax:son Johnson is known as a progressive within Swedish society, and has been strongly critical of the SD. Nonetheless, she says that the most important thing is for Sweden to get an Alliance government. “I believe that one should possess a more pragmatic outlook on this, and show those who actually voted for SD some respect,” she told Di.

As Mundus wrote in our blog series, Sweden’s Election: Should expats here care?, despite the fact that the Social Democratic government adopted reasonably centrist policies, and wasn’t necessarily anti-business in effect, its rhetoric was at times strong, and there are a range of issues requiring significant policy reforms that business is looking it feels it will get from the Alliance. The headlines calling for the Alliance to reach-out to the far-right underline the depth of this feeling amongst the business community.