Sweden has a distinctive culture, dynamic politics and evolving business environment. Would you make better business decisions if you had the latest information on the Swedish economy, business activity, politics and society?

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Mundus International gets high praise for its coverage of Sweden; our products are read by business people, public servants and diplomats and provide tools for monitoring and understanding Sweden.  And for expats we provide the bridge to local business practice and the Swedish culture.

Our daily news service is available on weekdays. Mundus News is issued early in the morning via email ensuring that you are aware of the key domestic Swedish political, financial, business and economic stories.  Mundus Weekly summarises last week’s policy news and trade and economic statistics, features a calendar of events for the week ahead and a Who’s Who people movements page. The Monthly Policy Review is an in-depth analysis of four issues each month.

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A hard place to get to know


Sweden has so much to offer: high-quality exports, low crime, its beautiful cities and countryside, a high standard of living, and a strong sense of business. But Sweden can be a tough place to get to know.  In fact, in a recent global survey of 14,000 expats by InterNations, Sweden ranked number 62 out of 67 countries, in terms of ‘ease of settling in’. Expats reported that they experienced problems feeling welcomed, with the friendliness of native Swedes, and finding friends.

If your company has searched the world for the right people, have you thought how you will build the right connections between Swedish employees and your foreign talent? Start by giving the newcomers tools that increase their Intellectual Capital and Social Capital.  Investing in understanding Swedish culture, the language, politics and business will give them more touchpoints for their relationships with Swedes.

Mundus International can help with this.  We start by providing the facts and opinions of the daily news cycle in an email every weekday.  But our coverage doesn't stop there.  We also provide analysis on the issues, going behind the scenes to explain what makes Sweden tick. That is why your company’s subscription to our news also entitles you to our subscriber’s only website, complete with background material on making the cultural adjustments necessary to fit in, and our searchable archives with hundreds of stories and background analysis on Sweden.

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“It’s as if I have a PA who has gotten up before me, read through the papers and provided me with a briefing”

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“When I’ve had a busy day and haven’t had a chance to read Mundus News, I get my Mac to read it to me when I’m cooking dinner, so I don’t miss anything”

Jacob Dornbos American Chamber of Commerce

"A super source of insight into Swedish politics, economics and what's going on in Sweden, in my inbox each morning. It has really helped me get up to date with what is going on around me."

Zen Holmgren New in Sweden