Case study

Ecosystem mapping

By 2050, European ports must be completely decarbonised. They also need to be efficient and effective. Tomorrow’s port of the future will offer ships ammonia, methanol and hydrogen to refuel and will be approaching completely autonomous operation.

Find the best suppliers by mapping your ecosystem
Disruption and change are becoming an inevitable part of business, even for industries that have remained stable for decades. Businesses need to be able to look into the future to imagine what new reality will emerge, and how they want to shape it. Chances are that they won’t get there alone. They will need to build an ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers. But the global marketplace contains a myriad of potentials – far too many to be possible to analyse manually.

Our machine learning approach facilitates building your new virtual world. With the click of a button we help you to discover technologies that are adjacent, and work with you to help you to construct future “ecosystem maps”.
This instant, cost-effective process conceptualises a new reality (or realities), complete with names of your potential suppliers and partners, whose technologies and business have already been ranked for viability. With your new growth options quickly identified, you are able to focus time on validation and building out the future you want.
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