In 2018, Mundus International formalised its partnership with THT Consulting. THT is a top-end niche practice, advising global firms how to manage the effects of culture on their business operations.
Through its principal, Dr Fons Trompenaars, THT has a state-of-the art, research driven approach, owning the world’s most extensive database on cultural values, corporate culture and business dilemmas of approximately 140,000 international leaders and managers. THT deploys this database to create an extensive set of digital products, democratising its intellectual property to the public in any country. 
Our cooperation with THT is in assisting Fons with commercialisation of his intellectual property on a global scale. Within Sweden we are working on ventures to dramatically increase the ability of refugees to integrate with mainstream values. We are also an agent for THT’s products, including the Culture for Business app.