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Sweden goes to the polls in September 2022. The aftermath of the 2018 election (and the events over the course of the Löfven administration(s) showed just how difficult it has become to form a government in Sweden. The conflict structure in the Swedish party system is currently two-dimensional; polarisation between parties is strong both along the traditional left-right dimension, but also on issues of globalisation, multi-culturalism, migration and integration issues. And with at least two political parties at risk of not making the 4% Riksdag threshold, yet another re-write of the Swedish political landscape could well be in the cards following the elections in September.

Now, Mundus International is gearing up for the 2022 Swedish elections. Political junkies, like ourselves, are very excited!

Over the next 10 months, Mundus International will provide our subscribers with the background, insights and the analysis for the elections. We will cover the news about the campaign, the results and the formation of government in Mundus News.

Keep up with the latest polls-of-polls and the campaign trail in Mundus Weekly.

Political analysis during the campaign and around the election, is covered in the Monthly Policy Review. Our coverage will include a scene setter for the Swedish elections; a review of issues forming the campaign with an outline of the positions of the political parties; how the elections are run and analysis of the political parties. The coverage in the Monthly Policy Review will also a wrap-up of the election with a look at the major issues and possible cabinet ministers.

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