“Foreign affairs coverage in Sweden woefully inadequate”

The Swedish diplomat, Bertil Jobeus, writes in VT about what he sees as a lack of Swedish foreign news journalism. “As a small export-dependent country, Sweden is completely dependent on adequate and fact-based information about other countries and continents.”

He claims to be tired of excessive reporting about the US and that Swedish media has not kept up with the changing world order: “In my opinion, the media’s emphasis on the United States is excessive. To hear every morning about President Trump’s latest tweet does not feel meaningful.”

Meanwhile, China is the world’s new economic power and only handful of Swedish correspondents cover the whole of Asia. Furthermore, Latin America is completely forgotten as is most of Asia and Africa as well, according to Jobeus. “And how often do we get reports from Canada – a country that in surprisingly many respects is similar to Sweden?”, he asks.

Jobeus names a few media organisations and journalists he enjoys listening to (including some of Sveriges Radio’s foreign correspondents and current affairs magazine Fokus) , but claims that the Swedish public need more reporting on India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Latin America and Africa.



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Edgar Mannheimer is a journalist at Mundus News. He is also currently working for SVT Nyheter as an online reporter. Edgar has a passion for politics, foreign affairs and music. He grew up in Egypt, the US, Stockholm, and Jordan, following his mother’s job as a foreign correspondent. He returned to Sweden to study at Lund University, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies. During his time in Lund he was editor-in-chief of Radio UPF, the radio committee of the Association of Foreign Affairs, and also started a music program as a solo project. After Lund, he moved to Stockholm and received a Master’s degree in journalism from Stockholm University’s media institution, JMK.