Foreign news in Swedish media

The Swedish media has faced criticism for being overly fascinated with US news and politics to the detriment of coverage from other parts of the world. Our diplomatic readers have also reported to Mundus International that they find media’s reporting of their countries to be biased towards negative stories, and while facts may be correct, the context is often not.

In an article in the February edition of the Monthly Policy Review, Mundus examined the current state of Swedish media, why the U.S. plays such an outsized role in foreign news coverage and what can be done to try to nudge news outlets to look elsewhere for stories.

Following up on that article, the CEO of Mundus International, Jessica Nilsson Williams, and the company’s Commercial Director, Sean Williams, talked about coverage of foreign news in Swedish media with Jonas Nordling on Journalistpodden.

Listen to Journalistpodden below. Conversation in English!

  • Length: 55 minutes
  • Participants: Jessica Nilsson Williams, Sean Williams and Jonas Nordling
  • Vignette: Hergé/M. Ashraf



Jessica Nilsson Williams is the CEO & Founder of Mundus International. She has a long-standing interest in international affairs, having worked in the field for 20 years. She began her career as the political advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, and then worked in the corporate- and NGOs sectors London and Singapore before returning to Stockholm. Back in Sweden, she headed the business intelligence unit for a risk- and security firm. In 2011 she took up a senior role at the New Zealand Embassy before founding Mundus International in 2012.