Frantzén becomes first Swedish restaurant with three Michelin stars

Sweden has received its first three-star restaurant in the Guide Michelin: Frantzén, by the renowned chef Björn Frantzén, in Stockholm. “The ultimate goal for a chef and a restaurateur is, of course, three stars in Guide Michelin, so this is like throwing a log on the fire and it flaming up. It is extremely fun,” Frantzén told Sveriges Radio. He hopes this will lead to more gastronomic tourism to Sweden and Stockholm. “I want to show that this is possible in Sweden. I hope it inspires my colleagues as well,” said Frantzén. Sweden now has 26 restaurants in the Michelin guide, with a total of 31 stars.

The 23-seat restaurant offers a tasting menu that runs 3000 SEK, with signature dishes including Satio Tempestas (bitter and pickled greens, crunchy fish scales, warm infusion, whipped butter milk with mortar herbs), Crudo (scallop with acidulated turnip, horseradish, lime, ginger oil, and roe) and a dessert called The Cube (fermented garlic and lemon peel, arctic bramble, green apple, chamomile, lemon verbena, black tea, burnt chestnut honey, brown cheese, konbu and liquorice), according to Food & Wine.


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