Google: The Nordics’ app sector threatened by EU and lack of labour

The Nordics are leading the way in Europe by creating more jobs in the app economy than any other region. Despite that, Sweden risks losing its position unless we provide people with skills and competence that fits the digital era, write inter alia Google’s Sweden Country Manager, Anna Wikland in DI Digital. “The app economy has created 60,000 jobs in Sweden, according to a study now published by Copenhagen’s Economics in collaboration with Google. It shows that companies like Truecaller generate one out of ten jobs in Sweden. For an entirely new job sector that is a very high number,” writes Wikland and refers to that the study shows that Sweden has the potential to double that figure by the year 2021 to 119,000 jobs. Wikland writes that app developers testify that their greatest fear is now that a shortage of skilled employees will slow down their expansions and call on lawmakers to prioritise ensuring that a sufficient number of developers are available. “We do not only need more people who can code and build apps, but also experts in digital commerce and marketing. Wikland quotes a CEO who was interviewed: “In some ways, Scandinavia may even be better than Silicon Valley. It would really be a shame for this European region to lose out in the global completion. The government and the corporate world should collaborate to ensure that the Nordics maintain its global leading position in the global economy.”

The opinion piece is co-signed by Dr. Bruno Basalisco, Managing Economist, Copenhagen Economics, and Michela Palladino, Director of European Policy and Government Relations, Developers Alliance.



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