The government presents strategy against racism and hate crime online

The government presents strategy against racism and hate crime online

On 23 November, the Minister for Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP) and the Minister for Home Affairs, Anders Ygeman (S),  presented the government’s national strategy to combat racism and hate crimes on the internet. The government has put forward five strategic areas where work can commence: More knowledge, education and research; improved coordination and monitoring; increased support and dialogue for civil society; enhanced preventive work online; and a more active judiciary.  According to the Minister for Home Affairs, Anders Ygeman, the government wants to pay special attention to websites and networks where racist comments are common.

"We want a dialogue with those who provide these platforms, and we want them to ban users who break the rules," said Ygeman. Some other of the government’s specific measures include:

  1. The government will initiate annual dialogues on Afrophobia and Islamophobia (in addition to the recurring dialogues the government has about anti-Semitism, anti-Gypsyism and racism against the Sami),
  2. Greatly increase of funding to promote activities specifically targeting Afrophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-Gypsyism, Islamophobia, racism against the Sami, homophobia and transphobia,
  3. The campaign No Hate Speech Movement will be extended until 2020 in order to prevent racism online,
  4. The assignment to the Living History Forum (Forum för Levande Historia) to educate about racism - past and present - will be expanded and extended.

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