Mundus builds, hosts and updates a professional quality newsroom that features information about your country or brand. Here you can maintain standard press packs, replay relevant media that supports your story and publish your latest press releases to an audience that we help you a targeted audience from over 1,000 newslines in 92 countries and 35 local languages. Get your story to those you want to hear it.

  • Newsroom – Insight

    We do the work for you

    We customise and manage your own newsroom. A newsroom is become the public face of your organisation, communicating official messages, such as press releases, and also utilising “earned media”, displaying content from other media channels, so as to create an engaging portal, attracting visitors to your site.

We help you showcase your organisation

Hosted Newsroom

A do-it-for-you model

  • A do-it-for-you model

    Tell us what you need and we set it up and manage your newsroom for you

  • All in one place

    Showcase media coverage, press releases and social media in your own newsroom

  • Press releases

    We issue your press releases and host them in your newsroom

  • Connect with journalists

    We help you identify and connect with journalists and influencers writing about your topics

  • PR services

    We assist with your media strategy; coordinate PR relations, write press releases and arrange press events through our PR partner