IKEA attracted by African trends – but no expansion south of Sahara

The Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, is tasking ten African designers from seven different African countries with coming up with a collection to be premiered in the company’s warehouses by 2019, reports DN Ekonomi. Both fabrics and furniture will be part of the new collection, as well as an updated version of the classic blue nylon bag, which has become silver because of the surplus production of chips bags to the warehouses. “We always design with a greater purpose. Our products are either meant to improve people’s everyday lives, or we try to create sustainable products,” said Hend Riad, who together with her colleague Mariam Sherif, run the design company Reform Studio in Cairo, Egypt, where IKEA recently opened a warehouse. Although a new, Africa-inspired collection will reach IKEA warehouses in two years, there are no plans to expand the company south of the Sahara (the only current warehouses in Africa are in Casablanca, Morocco, and Cairo, Egypt).

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