Krister Bringéus to analyse Sweden’s defence- and security cooperations

Krister Bringéus to analyse Sweden’s defence- and security cooperations

UPDATE: At a press conference on 9 September, Ambassador Krister Bringéus presented the findings of the Inquiry on Sweden’s International Defence and Security Cooperation. Read our Mundus News Flash here.

The government has appointed Krister Bringéus to analyse Sweden’s defence- and security cooperations. This includes Sweden’s Nordic and Nordic-Baltic cooperations and the bilateral Swedish-Finnish cooperation.  Also included is the transatlantic link, UN, EU, OSCE and NATO.  Sweden’s military non-alignment will not be analyzed.  The report is to be completed by the end of August 2016 and forms part of the defence agreement between five (S, MP, M, C and KD) political parties from April this year. Click here to read the committee directives.

Krister Bringéus has been head of the Swedish delegation to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna,  Ambassador to Belgrade, Senior  Civilian Representative at the Swedish mission in Afghanistan and the Ambassador for the Arctic at the Foreign Ministry.  He has also been Head of the European Security Policy Department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. His postings abroad include the embassies in Washington, Bonn, Moscow and London.

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