Linde: Tougher Brexit discussions expected

Brexit, the multi-annual budget and Poland are the dominating themes in the EU this spring, believes Minister for EU Affairs and Trade Ann Linde (S), according Europaportalen. Considerably tougher Brexit discussions are expected when the parties now start to negotiate a future relationship with Great Britain.”You can already see that some countries want as small an agreement as possible while we think you should have as extensive agreement as possible,” says Linde. For Sweden’s part, the government awaits a report from the National Board of Trade at the end of February, in which the authority identifies the most important Swedish Brexit interests. Sweden and other countries that pay more than they get back in EU support will oppose the proposal for increased EU fees and Sweden will work for an EU budget where less money goes to agricultural and regional aid and more to research, climate change, security and competitiveness efforts, says Linde. Additionally, according to the Swedish government, subsidies should be conditional. Countries that refuse to receive refugees would receive limited support.


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