Malmström and Damberg: “TTIP contributes to prosperity in Sweden and the EU”

EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström (FP), and the Minister for Enterprise, Mikael Damberg (S), have co-authored an opinion piece in Dagens Industri where they speak in favour of TTIP, the free trade agreement between the US and the EU. They claim that the agreement would greatly benefit small companies, and would work as a way to ease meaningless regulation that only differs slightly between the US and the EU. They write that the TTIP debate has raised concerns and questions about potential risks of the free trade agreement, and that the European Commission, supported by Sweden, has pushed through a series of reforms over the past year to maximise transparency in the negotiations.

In the article, Malmström and Damberg deny popular allegations against the TTIP agreement; like the idea that hormone-injected meat would be up for sale in European supermarkets. They also bring up the highly criticised court system ISDS, that gives companies and corporations the right to sue national governments. This is part of what needs to be modernised about the agreement, they write, and invite people and actors to take part in the negotiations.

Closer cooperation across the Atlantic creates better opportunities for both Swedes and the EU as a whole, with more companies that can grow in a global market, they conclude.

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