Media analysis and intelligence

From traditional media monitoring to big data analysis of opinion and parliamentary monitoring, Mundus has the tools to provide the insights you need.

We help you understand when people are thinking about your country, company or issues, and what they are saying. Mundus offers you a variety of ways to tap into big data, giving you the insights to manage your online reputation. Our service combines the best of both worlds.

Mundus has a decade of experience searching for hidden facts and synthesising masses of information into an intelligent summary. Our analysts don’t just do this as a job, it is our passion.

What makes our service distinctive?

  1. Hybrid-model emphasises the analysis and insight, not the data
  2. Deep subject-matter expertise on government, diplomacy the energy sector and climate change
  3. Bilingual and inter-culturally adept. We translate and interpret so that you understand what locals are meaning
  • Digital tools

    Our digital tools

    Utilising the power of large computer processing power to deliver automated insights at a low cost. We pick the best technology on the market and deploy it to solve your problems.

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  • What we deliver

    We combine articifial intelligence with overlayed human intelligence from Mundus analysts to highlight, summarise, translate and analyse the information, so that you receive timely insights to meet your deadlines and deliverables

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  • Multilingual

    Multi-lingual and multi-cultural

    Mundus’ speciality is in working with people from other cultures. We are a multi-cultural team that speak a wide array of languages, including Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and the Nordic languages. The combination of our language skills and inter-cultural adeptness means we can produce reports in a number of languages and interpret local trends for an international audience.

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