Intelligence gathering and being ahead of the game is essential if you want to have influence. That is why we offer tailored media- and parliamentary analysis.

Media monitoring has become a specialised industry, requiring an array of IT, media and analysis skills to conduct work with both efficiency and accuracy.  From traditional media monitoring to analysis of opinion and parliamentary monitoring, Mundus has the experts to provide the insights you need.

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Parliamentary- and policy monitoring

We keep our clients and informed of relevant debates and policy news from the Riksdag and Government. By monitoring the whole range of outlets for parliamentary information such as debates, Q&A sessions and committee meetings, Mundus is able to extract the information of utmost relevance to your organisation.

Apart from monitoring the policy developments in the Riksdag and Government, we monitor output from organisations in the wider political arena, such as NGOs, think tanks, pressure groups and trades unions. 

Media monitoring

We do not use automised reports for our media monitoring. Instead;

  • Each report is researched and compiled by an analyst in our media monitoring team. Our bilingual editors fact check each report.
  • Your organisation will receive carefully researched reports with our bespoke Executive Summary and a translated summary of the articles, parliamentary debates or press releases with links to original stories / posts
  • Optional features :
    • Search of the political parties’ websites to see whether there has been a mention of your key word(s)
    • Upcoming events

Tailored for your needs

We focus on the requirements of each individual client, tailoring our reports to meet your needs while presenting unbiased data and analysis.

➢ Choose your keywords, frequency of reports and online sources.

For more information, contact Sean Williams, Commercial Director at Mundus International.