• Executive summaries

    Our tailored summaries provide a snappy analysis of the key messages

  • Media monitoring

    Follow what is said in the media, TV, radio and podcasts. Nordic wide

  • Parliamentary- and policy monitoring

    Stay informed of relevant parliamentary debates and government policy news from the Nordics

  • Daily news headlines

    Daily news automated report based on your key words

  • News alerts

    Events can lead to a sudden spike in social media traffic. Real-time alerts make you aware of issues as they break

  • Translated summaries

    Get brief translated summaries of the news

What we can do

Media monitoring has become a specialised industry, requiring an array of IT, media and analysis skills to conduct work with both efficiency and accuracy.  From traditional media monitoring to analysis of opinion and parliamentary monitoring, Mundus has the experts to provide the insights you need.

Mundus International offers the latest artificial intelligence software, which we combine with our in-house analysis expertise to put you in the picture, with real time reporting and data-driven insights of what opinion-movers are saying and how the community is reacting.

Having the data is just the start. Turning this into intelligence is what makes our model distinctive. Our analysts are multilingual global citizens who can relate local trends in a way that makes sense to you.

  • MIA insights

    Media monitoring

    Do you need brief, daily news from within your industry, or weekly/monthly analysis of the main news and trends? Our reports are customised in a format that works for you.

    Add our bespoke Executive Summary to understand the issues and get translated summaries of the articles if language is an issue. Our simple, efficient and inexpensive service covers the Nordics and wider.

    We focus on the requirements of each individual client, tailoring our reports to meet your needs while presenting unbiased data and analysis.

  • Parliamentary- and policy monitoring

    Stay informed of relevant debates and policy news from the Nordic parliaments and governments. Follow your issue/industry or what is said about your country. By monitoring the whole range of outlets for parliamentary information, Mundus is able to extract the information of utmost relevance to your organisation and let you follow the decision making

    MIA insights
  • MIA insights

    Data analytics

    We collect the data through our digital tools and then analyse the trends and provide you with a brief, bullet-point summary of the sentiment and level of engagement. Sentiment analysis “mines” text to identify subjective information to help you understand social sentiment in online conversations. Use it to identify trends when people are becoming very engaged with an issue – for good or for bad.

    Our word clouds show the words that people use most frequently when talking about our topic of interest, your country or brand. This helps you zero in on the key messages from thousands of online mentions.

  • Business Intelligence

    If your firm needs to understand how complex, emotional and political issues are being perceived and dealt with by the media, society and politicians, our intelligence service is for you. We offer a range of reporting, including daily summaries of news, deeper-dive weekly or monthly analyses and alerts for your hot topics.

    Our team is made up of hand-picked talent – inquisitive and sophisticated in providing insights for you to action. Take your media monitoring to the next level.

    MIA insights

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