What are influencers saying about your country?

  • Are locals talking about your country?
  • What are they saying?
  • Where are they saying it – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram?

Would you like to be in better control of your country’s reputation online?

Mundus International offers tailored media monitoring and data analytics to ensure you are up to date with what is said about your country in the press, the parliament, the government and on social media.

Country data analytics

Our data analytical tool offers a flexible, efficient and very affordable technology for embassies needing to;

  • better understand how locals view your country
  • track the reaction to promotions your country has run
  • identify and connect to journalists and influencers interested in your issues / objectives
  • find businesses and investors who will have a serious interest in your opportunities

Data analysis is now a common business tool in the Nordics, being used by companies to gauge opinion and trends in their industry.

The process involves gathering data from different websites and analysing the results through metrics and qualitative data.

Through our partnerships, Mundus International has developed a customised offering for embassies.

In addition to offering the ability to track and capture data relevant to your country, our offer deploys powerful software to both analyse and display trends and brings our insights to solve your problems.

For more, see this short video from our partner Notified.

Tailored media monitoring

We offer customised media monitoring reports. Choose your keywords, frequency of reports and online sources.

We do not use automised reports for our media monitoring. Instead, your embassy will receive carefully researched reports with an English summary of the articles, parliamentary debates or press releases.

For more information, contact Sean Williams, Commercial Director at Mundus International.