We help you understand when people are thinking about your country, company or issues, and what they are saying. Mundus offers a variety of ways to tap into big data, providing the insights to manage your online reputation

Get an instant view of your brand and media exposure across global news and social media sources to track your brand reputation, moves by your competitors, or specific industry news.

Uncover advocates and customer pain points, and better understand the impact of your communications on audience sentiment.

  • MIA – Insight

    Media intelligence

    Visualise industry trends and the impact of your communications through a combination of leading software with overlaid human intelligence from Mundus analysts.

    Example reports include;

    1. Trends tracking the volume of media and social media coverage of your issues
    2. A breakdown of the key channels: media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
    3. Social media engagement
    4. Word clouds that capture the essence of what the audience is talking about
    5. AI-enhanced sentiment analysis that tracks the audience’s mood

    Our in-house team of analysts expertly interprets the messages, to provide you with a narrative and takeaways, so that you spend your time making business decisions, not analysing news feeds.

    Media intelligence

    Power your political- and social engagement by understanding the underlying trends

    Media intelligence

    Having the data is just the start.

    • Data driven media monitoring

      Daily news headlines delivered by capturing relevant posts using keywords of your choice

    • Media exposure

      Understand the impact of your campaigns and key messages by measuring media exposure

    • Sentiment analysis

      Understand when people are becoming engaged with an issue – for good or for bad – in media channels and social media channels blogs, Twitter, social networking sites

    • Word clouds

      Our word clouds show the words that people use most frequently when talking about your keywords. This helps you zero in on the key messages from thousands of online mentions.

    • In-house meta data analysis

      Having the data is just the start. Turning this into intelligence is what makes the Mundus model distinctive


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