Mundus International offers the latest software, which we combine with our in-house analysis expertise to put you in the picture, with real time reporting and data-driven insights of what opinion-movers are saying and how the community is reacting.

Having the data is just the start. Turning this into intelligence is what makes our model distinctive. Our analysts are multilingual global citizens who can relate local trends in a way that makes sense to you.

Mundus has a decade of experience searching for hidden facts and synthesising masses of information into an intelligent summary. Our analysts don’t just do this as a job, it is our passion.

  • MM Product – Insight

    Media monitoring tailored for your needs

    Do you need brief, daily news from within your industry, or weekly/monthly analysis of the main news and trends? Our reports are customised in a format that works for you.

    Add our bespoke Executive Summary to understand the issues and get translated summaries of the articles if language is an issue. Our simple, efficient and inexpensive service covers the Nordics and wider.

    We focus on the requirements of each individual client, tailoring our reports to meet your needs while presenting unbiased data and analysis.

Tailored for your needs

Media monitoring

An experience unlike any other.

  • Customised reporting

    Choose your language, keywords and frequency of reports

  • Translated news summaries

    Translated summaries of news articles from and into a number of languages

  • Executive summaries

    Expertly-curated executive summaries tailored to your needs

  • News headlines

    Daily news automated report with links to news and social media posts 

  • Social media

    Monitor what is said on social media

  • Alerts

    Real-time alerts make you aware of issues as they break

  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural

    Our multi-cultural team speak a wide array of languages, including Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and the Nordic languages

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