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Mundus provides data and analysis to help you drive action.

We are now in ‘The Great Acceleration’, a period of unparalleled growth of the technologies necessary to address global health challenges, climate change and digital development.

Newspapers and industry experts provide a wealth of facts, analysis and opinions but there is too much information out there for any human to deal with effectively. The key for creating informed judgements that are right for your organisation’s strategy from it all is to gather enough data and get meaningful insights from it.

Ask your biggest questions
  • What markets and products could I easily enter into? CASE STUDY: Ecosystem mapping ➢
  • What components should I build or buy?
  • What new trends threaten or give opportunities for my current offerings?
  • What startups can I use to create financial synergy with my existing products?

Mundus discovers patterns, insights and unknowns in global data using proprietary processes and technology to help you drive action. More than lists and search tools, we turn mountains of data into an actionable road map.

How do we do it?

Mundus has a partnership with The Decision Platform, based in Palo Alto, a developer of AI software for business solutions. The latest advances in Machine Learning and statistical modelling are applied and then data scientists and strategy experts use advance data analysis techniques to custom fit corporate needs. The insights generated by the AI and analyses by a human layer of expertise reveal new markets, identify takeover targets and provide whole ecosystem maps to drive a vision of the future. And ensure you can interpret the results.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of global innovation, through just-in-time data-driven action, turning opportunities, disruption and new technologies into financial returns.

  • Leverage disruptive forces
  • Ask your biggest questions and have the right data to answer them
  • Discover winnable markets: CASE STUDY: Ecosystem mapping ➢
  • Reduce growth risk
  • Deliver strategy today
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