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Mundus Business Insights - for time-poor businesspeople

Designed for time-poor expats, who can't afford not to know what’s going on. Mundus Business Insights summarises Sweden's main business, economic and political stories. It also includes a weekly video commentary of Nordic stock markets and coverage of the start-up scene curated intelligently for professionals.

Subscribers to Mundus Business Insights receive a free app, customised to you, providing detailed insights on how to conduct business in Sweden. Valued at €50, the app was created by one of the world leading intercultural gurus.

Packaged content

Mundus Business Insights covers 4 distinct segments;

  1. Business highlights: The top Swedish business, economics and finance news of the week
  2. Tech: Coverage of the week’s major tech stories. Those with a passion for tech won’t miss a thing, with links to all the details
  3. Essential politics: It's an election year, with much at stake for foreigners living here. Understand how it will be effecting you in the countdown to the poll
  4. Economic data: Comprehensive coverage of GDP, employment, inflation, interest rates, trade and consumer sentiment data
  5. Society: Go to fika with something to talk about!


We offer subscriptions to Mundus Business Insights to businesses and private individuals.

Prices start at SEK 250 (+VAT) per month per user. Please click below to order.