Mundus International helps you navigate Swedish politics this autumn

Following the elections, Sweden is facing a difficult parliamentary situation. Negotiations to form a new government are expected to be protracted, as Stefan Löfven attempts to build a team that can attract support from both left and right over a four-year term. All expect that negotiations over the budget will be tense, with the Löfven government at risk of falling, and Sweden being sent back to the polls.

To keep you up-to-date with the dynamic political situation, Mundus International has commenced a daily summary in English of the major Swedish newspapers and other relevant material from the Internet, such as Riksdag press releases and foreign media coverage of Sweden. Mundus News will be issued each morning, in a smartphone friendly format, designed so that you can read it on your way to work, or over a cup of coffee when you arrive at the office.

We are offering this as a free trial service until the opening of the Riksdag on 30 September.

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