Mundus News – how good can news be?

Some people say that news is news, but we believe that news should be easily accessed and give the reader a quick overview of what is important. This is why we developed Mundus News.  Since the launch in 2014, we have continued to improve Mundus News to suit our readers needs.

From the feedback we have received, we understand that our readers enjoy the features of our English news service, including;·

  1. Receiving the news before 9am each day means that they arrive to the office briefed and ready to engage, confident that they know what’s influencing Swedish decision-makers on that day
  2. Mundus News receives consistent applause for being more accurate with reporting the stories that really matter, and the punchy format is also praised for holding people’s attention.
  3. Mundus News covers 8 papers, as well as Sveriges Radio and SVT and online sources such as Breakit and Our subscribers appreciate being able to access to opinions from regional Sweden – not just the capital, and also understanding how both sides of politics are thinking.
  4. Arriving by email onto a smartphone suits many people, who have busy lives and enjoy reading the news during when it suits them, be that on the communte or over a morning coffee

Mundus News is an independent publication. Further information about our news service is available here.