Follow how the Nordics do in their aim to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030


    Green, blue or grey – we cover all colours


    Does CO2 storage in old gas reservoirs have a future?


    Is it the workhorse powerful enough for all of the loads it needs to pull?


    Can Sweden and Finland carve out a special role for their forests?


    What does Finland see in it that no-one else does?

Mundus Nordic Green News

The Nordic countries are amongst the most dynamic and successful economies in the world. They are also leaders in sustainability, from renewable energy, biofuels, carbon capture and storage and the hydrogen economy, circular economy business models and battery development, the Nordics are pioneers in policy design, technology development and consumer uptake. Going first has its challenges. But for those looking to follow closely behind, it provides a lot of learning opportunities.

Mundus Nordic Green News is covering this transition – the highs and the lows. Every day we curate the stories of most relevance to businesspeople and policy experts from the flow of news. We supplement these with our own opinion pieces and commentary, in English.

So if you’re trapped in the dilemma of being too busy to keep up with the green news, but know that you can afford to be left behind by the green transition, Mundus Nordic Green News is designed for you.

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