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Mundus Weekly - Sweden’s weekly must-read for politicos, diplomats and executives

Published first thing on Monday morning, Mundus Weekly summarises last week’sMundus Weekly economic statistics and forecasts as well as policy developments from the government, government agencies and NGOs.  The Riksdag section keeps track of the latest debates and decisions in the Riksdag.  Each week also features a poll of polls of the political parties during this election year.

The newsletter provides  an overview of the coming week with a calendar and brief description of important events. Our coverage features both national and international events, with a particular focus on the EU. We keep track of the whereabouts of Sweden’s ministers, what is happening in the Riksdag and forthcoming corporate events.

The Who’s Who section focus on people movements – making sure you are aware of the latest public- and executive business appointments.

Mundus Weekly is designed as an accompaniment to the policy analysis of the Monthly Policy Review. Our subscribers use it to plan their week, understand who’s who and ensure that last week’s news cycle didn't drown out the deeper issues.

It is published 40 times per year.


We offer subscriptions to Mundus Weekly to businesses, embassies & NGOs.  Please contact us for a quote.


"An excellent tool for planning the week"

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