New Gripen set to boost exports 

Sweden’s new fighter jet, the Gripen E, was presented to the public for the first time in Linköping on 18 May. Dagens Nyheter reports that the fighter jet, sometimes referred to as “Super-Jas”, is being marketed as “the smart fighter jet”. Both the manufacturer, Saab, and Swedish authorities hope it will boost Sweden’s exports. Sweden ordered 60 Gripen E fighter jets for a total sum of SEK 36 billion. That the rollout took place only three years after the development contract was signed in February 2013 was something that Saab CEO Håkan Buskhe noted when he spoke to media: “The rollout of a new aircraft is a dream for any CEO, and to be able to display something three years after getting the contract shows that we at Saab have the capabilities and that we can adjust to something new,” he said.

The jet is to begin test flights this fall. “This is a big day and it feels really good. A lot of attention is being given to this next generation of fighter jets, which also have the capacity to measure up to what is in our geographic vicinity. And if we are to have a relevant air force in the future we need these jets,” said the Minister for Defence, Peter Hultqvist (S), in a speech held at the jet’s presentation.