New members of the National Innovation Council

New members of the National Innovation Council

The government has appointed two new members to its National Innovation Council, Sigbritt Karlsson and Martin Lundstedt. The council has an advisory role and is tasked with advancing Sweden as a country of innovation and strengthening Sweden’s competitiveness.

The National Innovation Council meets four times a year and is chaired by the Prime Minister.  The council further consists of five ministers and ten advisory members from the business and research sectors.

Sigbritt Karlsson – President of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sigbritt Karlsson has been the President of KTH since 2016 and holds an MSc in Engineering.  

Martin Lundstedt – President and CEO of Volvo Group

Martin Lundstedt has served as CEO of the Volvo Group since 2015. He holds an MSc in Engineering and has previously served as CEO of Scania.

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