New report: These countries dominate foreign coverage in Swedish media

Datastore, a Swedish data-driven journalism outlet, has released a report compiling Swedish media's foreign coverage measured in the number of articles, reports Journalisten. Not unexpectedly, countries such as the United States, Norway and Britain are closely monitored, while giant countries such as China and India are covered much less in Swedish media. In fact, the USA gets 30 times more coverage per capita than China and almost 100 times more than India.
Datastory's report Länder i mediaskugga (Countries in Media Shadow) is a searchable application that shows both the number of articles and trends in the media reporting for each country. A tool that can be used, inter alia, by news rooms to "encourage a more balanced foreign news coverage," says Robin Linderborg, journalist at Datastory, in a press release.

Mundus on Journalistpodden

Mundus International participated in Journalistpodden in March to discuss coverage of foreign news in Swedish media. Listen to the podcast here.
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