New visa to end ‘talent deportations’

Last year, Mundus argued that the election outcome was going to affect the lives of expats living in Sweden in a number of ways. For international professionals making their lives here, Mundus view is that the final result is mainly for the better., and changes to the visa policy will be accompanied by tax and housing changes.

Today’s Mundus News reported that the government parties, the Centre Party and the Liberals are planning to give companies the ability to recruit highly skilled labour outside of the EU through a new, special visa. The plans are welcomed by the lawyer Johannes Forssberg at the Centre for Justice Foundation. He has been involved in several cases where work permits were revoked in court, including an engineer who was deported because his previous employer forgot to pay his health insurance for a few months. “Today, immigrant labour always takes the hit for the mistakes of the employer,” he said. Martin Ådahl at the Centre Party claims that the four parties are in agreement on launching a total oversight of the system. “There is a very strong will in this agreement to put an end to skill deportations,” he said.

For further background on Sweden’s labour law and deportations of talents, download our article “Lex Tayyab” from the Mundus Store.

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