OECD: merge Gothenburg, Malmö and Oslo

Gothenburg, Malmö and Oslo should form a region of its own to stimulate the economy, according to a proposal from OECD experts, reports Göteborgs-Posten. The new region, with a total population of about 5 million inhabitants,  is proposed to be called Western Scandinavia (Västra Skandinavien). Western Scandinavia brings together 30% of the Norwegian population and 33% of the Swedish population.  “The region can together make several important investments in infrastructure and tourism,” said OECD-analyst Soo-Jin Kim. He adds that a mega region at best provides all the benefits of a big city, with high productivity and an efficient labour market. The report encourages local authorities to identify a common vision for their shared future development and to take concrete action towards implementing it. It also calls for national governments to tackle the challenges of cross-border transport planning to facilitate greener mobility and more inclusive labour markets.

Kvällsposten’s Csaba Perlenberg writes that for the region to reach its full potential, Copenhagen and Northern Germany must be included as well.



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