Opportunity in the midst of crisis

by Yuqin Peng, Intern

It has been over two months since I started to work as an intern at Mundus International in August. Even though I worked most of the time online at Lund where I graduated, It is a great pleasure that I was offered the opportunity to come to the Mundus office in Stockholm and work with Jessica Nilsson Williams, CEO, Sean Williams, Commercial Director, and Charlotte Perlaky, Head of Operations at Mundus International. 

Recently, we have been working closely with the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden to prepare the second annual Bright Green Summit (BGS). In the meeting of our preparation for the summit last week with two of the collaborating chambers – the British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce andChambre de Commerce France Suède -we discussed the aim, focus, and partnerships of the BGS for over two hours. The summit is designed to look at what this means for us here in the Nordics and aimed for businesspeople seeking information and networks, diplomats looking to identify trade opportunities and individuals hoping that something good will come out of this mess. Therefore we are in the essential process of finding partnerships and sponsorships to achieve our goal. Until now, we are very pleased to have SkanskaNasdaqCocaColaDoconomy and The Absolut Company as our corporate partners.

Apart from the summit, I also worked closely with Sean for our daily Nordic Green Newspublication. We need to analyse, pitch, interpret and write green-related news announcements for Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark every day. This daily mission makes me understand the green transition process in these Nordic countries and companies deeply. In addition, even though I have been living in Sweden during my Master’s program for two years, I was still a bit ignorant about the whole Swedish society, politics, and business environment. There was a huge language barrier for the international students who could not understand the local news to get to know what happened in the real world, especially for the most crucial climate actions and green transition.

As I titled, opportunity in the midst of crisis is our theme of BGS. It is also my opportunity to seize the midst of my own career path. I am delighted to be working in a green-related area at Mundus, which is the way of the future. Last, I am also very much looking forward to attending our Bright Green Summit as part of the host and I believe we will achieve something great. Click here to register