Our parliamentary monitoring services offers you a unique possibility to stay informed on relevant debates, decisions and policy news from the Parliament(s) and Government(s) in the Nordics.

Follow your issue/industry or what is said about your country. We collect information from a variety of sources, including official government and parliamentary data. This allows our clients to quickly and easily access all the key information related to a specific legislative issue.

By monitoring the whole range of outlets for parliamentary information, we are able to extract the information of utmost relevance to your organisation and let you follow the decision making.

Our service is designed to provide a clear and concise overview of each legislative issue you need to follow, from the initial investigation phase to the final decision-making process.

  • Parliamentary monitoring – Insight

    Parliamentary & Policy Monitoring

    Mundus tracks the whole range of outlets for parliamentary information such as debates, Q&A sessions and committee meetings.

    Reports are researched and compiled by analysts in our media monitoring team. Bilingual editors fact check each report. You receive carefully researched reports with a translated summary of the articles, parliamentary debates or press releases with links to original stories / posts.

Nordic wide

Follow the decision making process

Parliamentary & policy monitoring

An experience unlike any other.

  • Track the decision-making process

    Track the decision-making process from start to finish

  • Follow policy development

    Stay informed on relevant policy news from the Parliament(s) and Government(s) in the Nordics

  • Political parties

    Identify policy development at an early stage by monitoring the political parties. Knowledge of how new ideas are developed make it easier to navigate the political landscape

  • Follow parliamentary debates

    Get translated summaries from parliamentary debates mentioning your keywords

  • Alerts

    Get informed of upcoming debates or decisions based on your keywords

  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural

    Our multi-cultural team speak a wide array of languages, including Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and the Nordic languages

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