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Being able to understand and interpret events in the country one is living in is important. While on the surface Sweden appears similar to other western countries, its business culture, political structure and decision-making processes can actually be quite different.

If you are interested in Sweden, but not fluent in its language, Mundus News is an efficient tool for monitoring Swedish news. It is also useful for those who need a concise summary of what’s going on in Sweden. As one of our subscribers told us – “It’s like a little bulletin for the busy”.

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Sweden can be a hard place to get to know. Expats report that they experience problems feeling welcomed, with the friendliness of native Swedes, and finding friends.  One way to understand Sweden better is to better understand what is going on around you.  Investing 5 minutes in reading the news every morning helps you understand Swedish culture, the language, politics and business.  

That is why we offer personal subscriptions to Mundus News for private individuals. 

Private subscribers may order Mundus News for SEK 200 / month. Payment is made by credit card on a monthly basis and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. 

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Why Mundus News?

Our readers have told us that they appreciate the following features of our service:

→ Mundus News offers insights to Sweden for expatriates wanting to understand more about the society in which they work and live;

→ The news are delivered direct to the inbox before 9am ;

→ Arriving by email onto a smartphone suits many people, who have busy lives and enjoy reading the news during whenever it suits them;

→ The society section offers news on culture, sports and insights to the Swedish society;

→ Mundus News receives consistent applause for being more accurate with reporting the stories that really matter, and the punchy format is also praised for holding people’s attention;

→ Our subscribers appreciate being able to access opinions from regional Sweden – not just the capital, and also understanding how both sides of politics are thinking.

We offer corporate subscriptions for 1-100+ users. Click here to find out more about our corporate offer.