Processing times for work permits debated in the Riksdag on 28 March

Processing times for work permits debated in the Riksdag on 28 March

In 2017, the average processing time for work permits at the Swedish Migration Agency was 141 days. The Riksdag Committee on Social Affairs considers the processing times unreasonable and that it disadvantages jobseekers, Swedish companies and the economy and growth.

Companies that need to recruit often have a need for a fast recruitment process. Therefore, the Committee proposes that the Riksdag calls on the government to present a proposal to shorten the processing times (2017/18:SfU17). The Committee states that one suggestion is to extend the possibilities of digital handling at the Swedish Migration Agency. The proposal for the announcement comes from motions by the Moderates, the Centre Party, the Liberals and the Christian Democrats. The Social Democrats and the Greens say no to the proposal. The reason for this is, among other things, that the government is already working on the issues.

The matter will be debated in the Riksdag Chamber on 28 March and can be viewed here.

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