Social Democrats and Moderate Party reveal election platforms

Social Democrats and Moderate Party reveal election platforms

The party secretaries of the Social Democratic Party and the Moderate Party revealed the parties’ respective election platforms last week. Law and order, integration and welfare are looking to be the focus of the election campaign as Sweden’s two largest parties have these issues as their main priorities for the election.

On 30 January, Lena Rådström Baastad, Party Secretary for the Social Democrats, said its main election issues will be cracking down on crime, integration and improving the nation’s welfare system. Further information on the Social Democrats’ election platform is available here. The blue-collar trade union federation LO  has also put forward its election campaign; the union wants to prioritise higher unemployment insurance and sick pay.

On 1 February, the Moderate’s Party Secretary, Gunnar Strömmer, said his party will focus its election campaign on issues such as the economy and jobs, law and order, immigration and integration, and healthcare and school issues. At the press conference, Strömmer said the Moderates are looking to win voters from ’the three ”S’s’: the Social Democrats, the Swedish Democrats and the sofas. Further information on the Moderate Party’s election platform is available here.

The two parties invest large sums of money on the election campaign; the Social Democrats who will invest SEK 100 million, while the Moderators will only spend half of it, SEK 50 million. The Social Democrats also receive support from LO, which will invest SEK 30 million for the Social Democrats to win the election. With regards to the campaign itself, the main campaign strategy for Social Democrats is knocking on doors and phone calls. The Social Democrats intend to make 1.5 million calls during the campaign. The Moderates are also looking to visit people but are choosing to prioritise social media over phone calls.


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