Spotify makes harsh criticism of Sweden’s immigration administration

Several key people on Spotify are facing deportation, writes Di Digital, referring to a letter Spotify has written to the Ministry Mundus Newsof Justice. “We are losing key people in the business, individuals who are very difficult to replace. They have their work permits cancelled because of technicalities and are forced to leave Sweden. This is unreasonable and constitutes a significant risk to our operations in Sweden”. Spotify writes that 15 key employees are currently at risk being expelled from Sweden and Spotify’s Global HR Director, Katarina Berg, calls the situation “absurd”. Spotify also sent a specially composed playlist to the Ministry of Justice. When pieced together, the names of the songs on the playlist form a special message to the government: “S.O.S, Please, Stop The Madness, Change The Rules, So We Can Stay Alive, Our Business, Depends On, Smart People, Who, Come Over Here, We Need Brain, Power, Thank You, Keep Up the Good Work.”

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Edgar Mannheimer is a journalist at Mundus News. Edgar has a passion for politics, foreign affairs and music. He grew up in Egypt, the US, Stockholm, and Jordan, following his mother’s job as a foreign correspondent. Bilingual with English as an academic language and Swedish as his mother tongue, he returned to Sweden to study at Lund University, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies. During his time in Lund he was editor-in-chief of Radio UPF, the radio committee of the Association of Foreign Affairs, and also started a music program as a solo project. After Lund, he moved to Stockholm and recieved a Master’s degree in journalism from Stockholm University’s media institution, JMK.