Stenberg: Arms exports top of the political agenda this spring

Ewa Stenberg writes in Dagens Nyheter that arms exports will be one of the red-green government’s most challenging issues. A proposal for stricter exporting rules is expected in the spring; by 15 April, the parliamentary inquiry will put forward a proposal to amend the rules on arms exports. Exports are to become more open and the requirements stricter. Meanwhile, the government needs to decide on the future of the military cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia, which needs to be terminated or renegotiated by May 15, otherwise it extends automatically. The cooperation agreement was initiated by the Social Democratic government in 2005 and pro-longed by the Alliance government 2010. Stenberg writes that the Saudi agreement causes great concern within the Green Party, who have heard both the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister speak non-specifically about the future of the military cooperation with Saudi Arabia. Most Green Party supporters probably had counted on the cooperation agreement being terminated, she writes.