Stockholm attempts to attract European Medicines Agency

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has lead to a competition among the other EU-countries to attract thousands of jobs away from the UK, writes Swedish newspaper Expressen. Stockholm is one of many EU cities which is attempting to attract the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) headquarters after Brexit. However the competition is tough with Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris also being top candidates for EMA’s relocation. Getting EMA to Stockholm would mean housing 900 highly educated medical experts. Swedish pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca is also potentially looking at relocating from its UK headquarters with most EU countries having declared their interest for housing the major company.

Rentals pre-booked for EU medical workers

Svenska Dagbladet reports that the housing shortage in Stockholm has been proving a problem. However Sweden now has a detailed plan to make housing available for EMA-employees and their families, Brussels has confirmed. In practice this task lies with Stockholm city. “We have developed a model where we will pre-book 600-900 rental apartments. Mostly, the EMA-employees will live in Hagastaden and Norra Djurgårdsstaden [in Stockholm] but also in neighbouring municipalities as well as Uppsala,” said Jonas Claeson, city development strategist at the municipal executive office in Stockholm city.

Stockholm not popular for new HQ among EMA employees

While Stockholm is actively attempting to attract the EMA headquarters, many among the EMA’s employees the enthusiasm for relocating to Stockholm is low according to an internal report, writes Norra Skåne. Stockholm is not considered to have good enough flight connections or enough available housing. According to news site Europaportalen, the employees at EMA also do not think the new headquarters will be finished on time and there are also questions whether there will be enough meeting rooms. Copenhagen is according to the employees a more preferable choice due to its geographic proximity to the European continent and its larger more connected airport.


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