Sweden to crack down on international gangs

The Minister for Justice Morgan Johansson (S) has presented a number of measures to be taken against international criminal gangs active in Sweden, reports Sveriges Television. “We know through the police’s intelligence that they focus on countries like Germany, Great Britain and Sweden,” says Johansson. Most such gangs have their bases in Lithuania, Romania, Poland and Georgia. The proposed measures include more perpetrators being sent back to their home countries to serve their prison time there and also stricter laws against systematic thefts and handling stolen goods. Police, customs and the coast guard have been asked to come forward with proposals by the summer on how improve their efforts and cooperation. In addition, the law is to be amended so that coastguards are given greater opportunities to assist the police, regardless of the crime. The government also wants to increase international police cooperation. For example, Romania has offered to send Romanian police to Sweden so that Swedish police will have quicker access to information about Romanian criminal gangs.

Earlier in the week, Mundus News reported that Moderate party has presented several proposals to address problems with foreign crime leagues.The party’s legal spokesman, Tomas Tobé, says that the party wants to make it easier to deport foreign citizens who have committed crimes in Sweden. Among other things, the Moderates Party is in favour of lowering the bar for expulsion in cases where punishment for the crime is between six and twelve months in prison, even if the risk for recidivism is nonexistent. The Moderates also want to study legislation in other EU countries to ensure that Swedish legislation works for the expulsion of EU citizens. Others proposals concern introducing a new crime category for burglary, with a minimum sentence of one year in prison and giving Customs the mandate to stop people attempting to export stolen goods from Sweden. ”Today we stand by watching when stolen goods leave of our country,” Tobé says.


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