Sweden could host largest battery factory in Europe

Peter Carlsson, the former right hand man to Tesla CEO, is one of the people behind the renewable energy company Northvolt. Dagens Industri reports that the company wants to establish Europe’s largest battery factory, to quicken the process of moving the world over to renewable energy sources. Carlsson writes in a press release Northvolt has been overwhelmed by the interest from municipalities and regions across Scandinavia. The company has talked to some forty stakeholders and decided to proceed in discussions with eight Swedish and two Finnish municipalities about potentially establishing the factory. These are:  Gothenburg, Gävle, Luleå, Malmö, Mariestad-Skövde, Norrköping, Skellefteå, and Västerås. The Finish cities of Kotka-Hamina and Vasa are also being considered. Physical preconditions, logistics, local business climate and the ability to attract highly skilled labor have been particularly important in the selection process. “We’re moving forward swiftly to make sure we’re taking a leading role in the European market”, said Northvolt’s CEO Peter Carlsson.

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Edgar Mannheimer is a journalist at Mundus News. He is also currently working for SVT Nyheter as an online reporter. Edgar has a passion for politics, foreign affairs and music. He grew up in Egypt, the US, Stockholm, and Jordan, following his mother’s job as a foreign correspondent. He returned to Sweden to study at Lund University, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies. During his time in Lund he was editor-in-chief of Radio UPF, the radio committee of the Association of Foreign Affairs, and also started a music program as a solo project. After Lund, he moved to Stockholm and received a Master’s degree in journalism from Stockholm University’s media institution, JMK.