Swedish politics, which has been fairly static for the past decades, have seen dramatic events that has shaken the political establishment since the last election in 2014. The days of boring politics have faded into distant memory – volatility and unpredictability are the new normal.

Now it’s time for Sweden to head to the polls again and the 2018 Swedish election campaign is in full swing. The opinion poll points to yet another re-write of the Swedish political landscape and Sweden is heading towards another hung parliament. Instead of just the two traditional blocs, the opinion polls point to the fact that three parties - the Social Democrats, the Moderates and the Swedish Democrats – will be of similar size. And hence the question of governing is on everyone’s lips. This is because no one has a simple answer to how the country will be governed after the September election. Following the elections, Sweden could be forced to resolve a more complex government formation than in a very long time.

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Need to understand where Sweden is heading post-September? Don't worry we've got you covered. The Mundus Team consists of analysts and journalists with deep knowledge of Swedish current affairs. The team is headed by our CEO Jessica Nilsson Williams, who has covered Swedish politics for over 20 years in roles such as political advisor to the American Embassy under both the Clinton and Bush administrations.

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