Swedish e-health firm merges with Silicon Valley competitor 

Gothenburg based e-health firm Diasend merges with Glooko, a Silicon Valley competitor reports Breakit. Diasend’s platform helps diabetics and health care providers collect and access crucial health data. The two companies have raised USD 8 million of venture capital from Samsung Ventures and others. “This is without a doubt the best possible scenario for our two companies, as well as for patients and the care teams that serve them. From our standpoint, this means adding even more functionality to an already very strong technical platform”, says Anders Sonesson, CEO of Diasend AB, in a press release. Although Diasend will eventually transition to using the Glooko brand, Sonesson described the new partnership as a “clean merger”. He would not comment on what the two companies are valued at, or how shares in the new parent company will be distributed.

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