Swedish election: Forming Sweden’s next government


The Riksdag to vote on Ulf Kristersson (M) as Prime Minister

The Speaker of the Riksdag, Andreas Norlén, announced on 8 November that a vote for prime minister will take place. “I am running out of tools, but there is one left. Therefore, I would like to announce that I will submit a proposal to the Riksdag to elect Ulf Kristersson” Norlén said. This will be the first vote on a prime minister candidate.

The proposal will be put to the vote in the Riksdag on 14 November at 9 am. If more than half of the members of the Riksdag vote against the proposal, it is not passed. If the proposal is rejected, the Speaker must present a new proposal. The Speaker has four opportunities to do this. If the Riksdag rejects all proposals for a new Prime Minister, extraordinary elections shall be held within three months.

Kristersson announced earlier today that he intended to form government with the Christian Democrats.

➢ If Kristersson is approved: If the proposal for a new Prime Minister is approved, the Prime Minister will inform the Riksdag of the names of the other ministers, as soon as possible. This can be done on 15 November at the earliest. A Council of State will then be held. Under these circumstances, the debate in connection with the caretaker government’s budget bill will also be cancelled. A debate and decision on the budget framework is planned to take place on 12 December.

➢If Kristersson is not approved: If the proposal for a new Prime Minister is not approved, the debate on the caretaker government’s budget bill will take place as scheduled on 15 November.

If the Riksdag votes down four proposals, a new election will be held.

Edgar Mannheimer is a writer at Mundus News. He is also currently working for SVT Nyheter as an online reporter. Edgar has a passion for politics, foreign affairs and music. He grew up in Egypt, the US, Stockholm, and Jordan, following his mother’s job as a foreign correspondent. Edgar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies from Lund University and a Master’s degree in journalism from Stockholm University.