Swedish energy exports reach record levels as Nordic neighbours struggle

Never before has Sweden exported as high amounts of electricity to other countries as in the past year. Sveriges Radio (SR) reports that, in particular, it is Norway and Finland that have imported more than usual. The increase in electricity exports is largely due to neighbours struggling to produce their own, as well as Sweden being able to produce a surplus. Preliminary statistics from Swedenergy, show that the net export from Sweden increased by about 50% in 2019 compared with the previous year. Net exports thus represented just over 15% of the total production in Sweden. Hydropower and nuclear power still account for most of the Swedish electricity, but wind power production increased by almost a fifth, hitting a new record in 2019. Pernilla Winnhed, CEO of Swedenergy, told SR that “Wind power generation has a good chance to continue to increase”, as Sweden is yet to develop offshore wind power, meaning it’s surrounding waters are a completely untapped potential. Just over a week ago, Sweden closed the nuclear reactor Ringhals 2, and by the end of the year it is set to close yet another one. Winnhed told SR that wind power alone could not replace the energy production generated from nuclear reactors, but that she believed that a ‘range of technologies’ – including new nuclear power – would most likely be the answer.